TV Series List ~ Rating System

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Everyone has their own rating system, this is mine.

  1. Any show or media that I review can get up to 10 stars
    • 10 stars allows a much more finessed rating.
  2. Each star represents a particular judge-able element.
  3. Some stars are nearly the same so i can provide more or less emphasis on important elements. See 1 and 2 under “The 10 Stars”
  4. Its entirely my opinion on what element gets a star or not
    1. Opinion is that of a moderately typical middle aged man with some sense of traditional values. 😉
  5. The 10 stars!
    1. Interesting plot/story
    2. Uniqueness of plot/story ~ How many times have we seen this variation.
    3. Quality of acting ~ Definitely opinion so don’t get offended.
    4. Directing/Flow/Overall Feel ~ I might have to study this one more to put a good value for this star.
    5. View Quality ~ I think they call it cinematics. For me is the show visually appealing.
    6. Not Cliche ~ I wonder how any of the shows I review will get this star?
    7. Overall Wholesomeness ~ I mentioned traditional values.. its more than that though. I might disagree with the value, but think its a great topic.
    8. Trending actor/actresses ~ Does it include at least one hot actor/actress, but not an overdone personality.
    9. New Talent ~ Is there some talented people we haven’t seen before?
    10. Obsessiveness ~ Some shows you just have to sit and watch one right after another.