Steven Universe Episode List ~ Season 3

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Steven Universe Season 3, Episodes 1 thru 4.

The fun continues now that the cartoon Network has released Steven Universe season 3. What follows is an overview of the first 4 episodes in the Steven Universe Season 3 guide, and episode list. I will post the next 4 right after they Air! If you landed here but are looking for Season 1, or Season 2 just click the links.

  • Episode 1
    • Steven’s Birthday: Steven has another birthday, he decides its time to “grow up”.
  • Episode 2
    • It Could Have Been Great: Steve and the Gems head for the moon.

    Steven Universe Episode List

  • Episode 3
    • Message Received: Steven starts to have doubts about believing in everyone.

  • Episode 4
    • Log Date 15 7 2: Not always a good idea to snoop in someones diary. Steven listens to his friends audio Diary.


Sorry its only the first 4 episodes but that’s all that is available right now. I will post the next 4 once they are out. You can like my Facebook Page and know when I post it.

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