Steven Universe Episode 1, All the details

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Spoiler Alert… Steven Universe Episode 1

I have really enjoyed the Steven Universe series so I decided that I would write all about the first episode so a person who runs across this page can get a good idea what its all about before deciding to watch the series.


Once upon a time… A long time ago, in fact like 6,000 years, or more! The earth was being invaded by a group of well, invaders. The were called the Gems. They liked earth a lot and wanted to take over it by killing off the humans! While this was going on a small group of the Gems, (The Crystal Gems), turned against their own kind because they couldn’t stand wiping out all the humans. Rose Quartz was the leader of this small group. Even though it was a small group they prevailed, however to this day the other Gems still try to invade now then which is why the Crystal Gems are still here protecting the earth. Steven is a half human/half Gem. His dad (Greg) was full human, and his mom, (Rose Quartz) is a Gem.

Episode 1 cast of main characters:

  • Steven Universe, main character… der!
Steven Universe Episode 1

Steven Universe

  • Crystal Gems
    Steven Universe Episode 1


    Steven Universe Episode 1 Pearl

    Pearl with her Spear

    Steven Universe Episode 1 Amethyst


How do the Gems Access their powers?

Each of the crystal gems take turns showing Steven how to access his gems powers. Each Gem has her own way of accessing them. When each Gem describes to Steven how to do it, it doesn’t work for him and he just gets frustrated and more confused.

Steven Universe Episode 1 Steven glowing


This episode starts out with Steven being on the receiving end of some delightful ice cream cookie cats, as he starts to eat one, his Gem glows for the first time! Naturally he concludes, that the secret to using his Gem powers, is eating the cookie cats. His theory gets tested when Centipeetles invade his room, and then the mother Centipeetle attacks. The Crystal Gems are loosing the battle so Steven steps in and quickly learns as he is stuffing his face with cookie cats that, noooo they aren’t the secret to accessing his powers. He is forced to retreat..quickly.. As in run!! 🙂 You can watch the attached youtube video of episode 1 at the bottom. Hope you like it.

The episodes continue from here building the various relationships, and providing more of the history. The adventures are delightful.

This cartoon series can be found on the cartoon network, and is for a little bit older children, about 10 years and older. My 11 y/o boy loves it! As do I. 😉

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