13 Reasons Why ~ Overview, Info, and Resources

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You might ask why I am posting about, 13 reasons why. It is pretty simple. I believe it is a good message. The problems youth face today are real. The connections they need aren’t always there for them. This post contains an overview of what it is about, and is a resource page for more content for this show… Show? I don’t know what you would call it but show doesn’t sound, or feel right. After having watched the TV series I feel like it is more of an event.

First of All, what is, “13 Reasons why”?

It started as a book by author Jay Asher, outlining the reasons why this teen (Hannah) committed suicide. The book was adapted to a mini-series by Netflix. The book and series are fiction inspired by an attempted suicide of someone close to the author.
So the question remains what is, 13 reasons why? For me it was a journey outlining some of the issues teens feel, and the hopelessness they feel when it comes to being able to deal with the various issues they face, damaged reputations, bullying, fickle friends. Some of those issues might seem minor, but they are not, when it becomes someones whole world with no escape.

Why Should I Be Interested?

This is a question that I asked myself when I heard my daughter had watched this on Netflix.

  1. I wanted to know what my daughter was viewing.
  2. Subsequently I wondered why she was interested.
  3. I wanted to know why I had heard about it so much.
  4. Watching 13 reasons provided a connection for me and my teens to discuss a tough topic.
  5. Knowing what is going on and trending, helped me to be sensitive to the various topics 13 reasons raises.
  6. It helped make me a resource that a teen could turn to in a moment of crisis.

Overview of the 13 reasons, w/Trailers

“Official Trailer”

The book and the Netflix mini-series starts with a package that contains cassette tapes. On the tapes are 13 stories as told by “Hannah” that led her, in some fashion to take her own life, in fact she holds each person in the stories responsible.

Key Points:


  1. The tapes are in order and must be passed to the next person in order.
  2. If a person fails to pass them to the next person the tapes will be distributed, making what people did to her public knowledge. (As I write that it sounds a little hokey to me, but it is not at all, it of course provides the necessary motivation to move the tapes along.)
  3. There is a map that the people listening to the tapes must follow as they listen.

The 13 (reasons)


  • Hannahs’ first kiss is with the schools cool kid (Justin Foley), but this is turned into a rumor that a lot more happened than a kiss.
  • An effort is made (Alex Standall), and is successful to vote Hannah as the Best Ass of the Freshmen class. This was done to cause division between her and another student/friend (Jessica Davis), which it did.
  • Jessica Davis became so upset over the above incident that she hit Hannah and scarred her.
  • Tyler Down takes a “peeping tom” style photo through Hannahs’ window, of her and another girl kissing, (Courtney Crimson) and then spread the picture around school.
  • Courtney decides to spread the rumor that Hannah uses sex toys, in an effort to discount the rumor of her and Hannah kissing.
  • Marcus, based on the rumors that Hannah is loose/easy, rather forcefully tries to get with her on valentines day.
  • Reason 7…. you will need to read the book, or watch the series!
  • Hannah meets Ryan Shaver in a poetry class and learns to trust him, but he ends up taking a poem that Hannah wrote (very personal about herself), and publishes it, which of course has a huge impact on her at school!
  • Again Justin Foley, because Hannah witnesses him allowing Bryce Walker to rape unconscious Jessica. You also get the sense that Hannah blames herself for this as well.
  • Hannah puts Jenny Kurtz as one of the reasons because when Jenny offered her a ride home, she knocked over a stop sign, and then deserted Hannah when Hannah wanted to call the police. The missing stop sign later caused a fatal accident.
  • It is finally Clays’ turn on the tape. Hannah assures him that he is not one of the reasons, ironically however his inaction in many cases is one of the underlying reasons.
  • Speaking of Bryce Walker he’s on the list of reasons, since he raped Hannah in a hot tub at a party.
  • Unlucky 13, and most of the reason for my writing this, the counselor, (not believing or taking Hannahs’ issues seriously). You could substitute the counselor with any number of adults depicted in the show/book. If one responsible, caring adult had taken the time to take note of Hannah’s mental health and take it seriously, perhaps her life could have been saved. That might sound harsh, it is not! It is a challenge! It is something I challenge myself to be responsive to, and you really should to!

The Point of my writing about 13 Reasons Why

I touched on it about. I want to be a resource for people who need someone, or people who are interested in being there for someone in need.It is my goal to equip you with the tools and the situational awareness to maybe save a life, or even save your own life.

More Information and Resources

As I develop this topic more, more content, resources and links will show up in this space.


Lastly, and Most Important!

You are not alone. You might feel like you are, and your options might look small, but there are many people who care about you. You don’t know me, but I do care about you. If you, or one of your friends are in the middle of crisis, please go to an adult that you trust! If you, feel like you have no options at all do call the Suicide Prevention Life Line 1-800-273-8255.


  1. This does seem interesting. From your synopsis, it sounds like a cautionary tale of how rumors can get absolutely out of control QUICK. Information transferred by word of mouth is usually no the best medium for accurate information.

    In one of my college communications, the instructor offered an A+ to all the students on the first day if we could complete a game of telephone with the right answer at the end. Suffice to say, we still had to go to class as we butchered it pretty badly.

    I wouldn’t say don’t tell anybody anything, which is a philosophy I used for a long time to my detriment, but you need to be careful with whom you confide.

    • Isn’t that just crazy how that works out! I have actually pondered the “telephone game” many times over the years, and at least a few of the 13 reasons were directly relate-able to misinformation both intentional and unintentional.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I really value the input of people reading my posts!!

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